Immunogenicity and Safety Study on Rabivac Vet, Rabies Veterinary

Vaccine, Inactivated (Cell Culture) in Dogs
Patil S.S.*, Ahcr V.D., SunU N.S.*, Deshmukh V.V.”, Reddy G.S.*. and Rao T.V.S.*
College of Veterinary & Animal Sciences. MAFSU. Parbhani^31 402


The present study was planned to study immunogenicity and safety of Rabivac Vet, an ant’i-rabies veterinary vaccine containing BHK-21 cell culture adapted rabies virus strain PVlt and inactivated with binary ethylenimine (BEt). A total of 100 dogs were divided into 3 groups, Group ‘A’ (24), Group ‘B’ (58) and Group ‘C’ (t8). Rapid Fluorescent Focus Inhibition Test (RFFIT) was used for estimation of rabies virus neutralizing antibodies in pre and post vaccinated serum samples, to groups A, B and C the geometric mean antibody titre (RFFIT) values on the day of vaccination were 0.09 KJ/ml. 1.5t lU/ml and 0.08 lU/ml respectively. There was a marked increase in geometric mean RFFIT values above protective level prescribed by №7/0 in all the groups at 28-30 days post vaccination. The RFFtT values of groups A. B and C on 28-30 days post vaccination were 3.22, 11.46 and 3.8t {U/ml respectively. The vaccine was found to be safe and efficacious in dogs against rabies.

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